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Hotel Barula Kargil


Baru-la is “A” graded Hotel property located at an altitude of 8970 feet above sea level and is operational since May 1st, 2016. The hotel remains functional from May to October every year. Located comfortably apart from the town at a distance of 2km, it can be reached via a drive through the beautiful barley fields of the Baroo village.

Baru-la is spread over an area of 55000 square feet, which makes it the most spacious property in entire Kargil. What adds value to the property is that there is no construction on three sides of the hotel, providing a spectacular sweeping view of the Mountain Oasis town of Kargil.

The hotel has a Dedicated TRAVEL DESK, which caters to the need of every traveler and guest, while you book your rooms with us we will look after the rest of your travel needs in Ladakh.

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