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In the contemporary period when it is difficult for us to up hold our IMAN (Faith), when we have failed to imbibe true Islamic values and standards, when the moth of immorality has completely damaged our social fabric, when we have distanced ourselves from the QURAN and SUNNAH, it is the duty of every responsible Muslim to come forward and spread the light of Islamic teaching in order to curb the roots of immorality and decadence in our society. In this regard the role of our educational institutions also becomes prominent.

Although our educational institutions have worked hard in imparting quality education but very less attention has been paid towards providing moral education. Our educational institutions need too contrive the means of providing Islamic education (based on teaching of QURAN and SUNNAH) into the curricular activities and extra-curricular activities. In present times when stress is being put on introducing modern educational aids in Islamic institutions, the introduction of Islamic education in modern institutions is also the need of hour. True Islamic values need to be inculcated in minds of students at early age of their lives.

Islam has never made any distinctions between so called worldly and Islamic education. In fact the Quran has encouraged its followers to make strides in exploring the universe around in order to recognize the supremacy of ALLAH – the exalted.

Given the above mentioned requirements, “MILLAT MODEL SCHOOL” is the small step which intends to provide both modern and Islamic education under single roof. Initially the school has begun its mission from primarily level classes but under long term process the school intends to introduce secondary and senior secondary level classes also. Construction of separate girl’s campus is also among its future goals.

Presently the curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school have been designed in such a way so that the students are exposed to primary Islamic and modern education distinctly. The school is laced with qualified faculty and all basic facilities in order to provide theoretical as well as practical education to students both in Islamic and modern academic fields. The activities of the school are strictly under the supervision of prominent academic and Islamic scholars.

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